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At Modha Ales we pride ourselves on working with the very best to develop our beers, all of which are brewed and bottled in the United Kingdom in smaller batches for a hands on approach, compared to mass produced.

Our beers are the highest quality and include only the finest natural ingredients, carefully selected for their distinctive flavour.

Our beers are handcrafted and stored in smaller batches under the close personal attention of our contract brewers. The latest brewing equipment and technologies are seamlessly combined with traditional brewing methods to ensure consistently excellent taste.

Modha Ales was established to introduce craft beers to the modern market. With the U.K’s love for curry and beer we decided to introduce a spiced craft beer to complement the flavours of Asian cuisine.

The development of this beer has been a long journey, our passion lead us to develop and perfect our recipe for Cardamom Beer. Having developed a craft beer for Asian cuisine and with such high regard to quality, naturally we could only name our new range of spiced craft beer ‘True Maharaja’

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True Maharaja

True Maharaja Cardamom beer is brewed to 4% abv. Our Cardamom craft beer is unique when compared to the conventional beers available to the U.K market. We use real cardamom pods in our spiced craft beer. Cardamom in beer affects particular parts of the palette which compliments rather than confuses. It gives a short explosion of lemon and ginger; a refreshing moment with a curry, making every mouthful of excellent food more easily appreciated.

True Maharaja Cardamom beer is brewed and bottled in the beautiful scenic and historic county of Yorkshire. True Maharaja is Modha Ales triumph to produce a modern beer with British heritage using traditional brewing methods and combine the United Kingdom’s love for curry with a twist.

True Maharaja’s unique character and warm light amber colour with a pure white foamy head is delicately balanced; with the addition of cardamom pods the flavour is enhanced to make every sip luxurious and smooth. Use of the finest Maris Otter Malt, quality crafted hops from around the world and the vibrant, invigorating aroma of cardamom pods. The aroma is refreshing and the taste of the beer washes the palate clean but leaves no lingering taste to confuse with the flavours in the food. This beer is an undeniable accompaniment for Asian cuisine.

True Maharaja Bottle and glass

“True Maharaja is Modha Ales triumph to
produce a modern beer with British heritage
using traditional brewing methods and
combine the United Kingdom’s love
for curry with a twist.”

Modha Ales

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